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Your business is as individual as you and has its own particular needs. By working with you, we provide options for your Bookkeeping solution to be tailored to those needs, including choice of accounting platform, and the means to improve workflow.

We are a small business and understand the needs of small business, with two Director/Owners who will provide your Bookkeeping Services.

By providing this personalised service, we ensure that there is continuity in the relationship and a deep understanding of your business needs, its ebbs and flows. We provide a consistency of service that can't be achieved with ever changing staff.

Our services are detailed below, and these can be tailored to your specific situation, with a minimum impact to your business.


Arberth Hill Provides full bookkeeping and BAS Services to clients across Sydney, and Australia

We recognise that businesses are as individual as their owners, and often require a tailored solution.  We will work with you to ensure that procedures are designed to match your needs and cater to the specifics that you reuquire.

For those who are looking for a fairly standard requirement, not a tailored solution, we can offer either hourly services, or more conveniently, monthly packaged services, as detailed below.

Our hourly services are priced at $66.00 per hour incl GST.  This can be completed either on your premises, or remotely.  If it is to be completed at your premises, there is a two hour minumum charge.


We are trained and experience across a range of Small Business Accounting software, and can assist you in making a decision that best suits your needs.

Our solutions - Tailored, Hourly and Packages do not include the cost of software.  As this is a significant investment, this allows the flexibility for you to decide which package is best for you.

Where we provide Receipt Bank as a solution (see plans), we are required to advise that some of your information will be available to a Third Party.

In this case, Receipt Bank will have limited access to information regarding your purchases and receipts that are processed through this system.


$132.00 per month incl GST

  • Monthly bank reconciliations for two Bank Accounts
  • Monthly review of Accounts
  • BAS Preparations and submission1
  • Quarterly consultation


$264.00 per month incl GST

  • Monthly reconciliations for three Accounts (including one credit card)
  • Processing of purchases2
  • Match payments to purchases
  • Matching client receipts to invoices
  • Payroll for up to three employees3
  • BAS and IAS preparation and submission1
  • Quarterly Profit & Loss reports
  • Quarterly consultation


$396.00 per month incl GST

  • Monthly reconciliations for four Accounts (bank and credit cards)
  • Processing of purchases2
  • Matching payments to purchases
  • Matching client payments to invoices
  • Payroll for up to five employees3
  • BAS and IAS preparation and submission1
  • Monthly Profit & Loss reports
  • Monthly consultation

1. BAS (and IAS) preparation includes audit of transactions and lodgment (after client approval) via the ATO Portal, which gives the advantage of concessional dates for most BAS submission and payment (not IAS)

2. Purchases are processed using Receipt Bank and rely on the client providing all information required for processing in a timely manner. Step-Up includes up to 50 bills per month; Standard includes up to 75 bills per month. More information available.

3. Payroll processing includes Payroll reports, emailing of payslips to employees, preparation and reporting of Superannuation obligations, Payment Summary (Group Certificate) preparation and lodgment with the ATO


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